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What is a Social Enterprise anyway? 

It's simple. A social enterprise is a business that uses more than 51% of their profit to create positive outcomes for people facing barriers in our communities or for the environment.

When you buy from them, you change the world.
Meeting Your Sustainability Goals Shouldn't Be That Hard
  • Will you meet your ESG and UNSDG goals by your target date?

  • Do you feel pressure from all sides to do more?

  • Does navigating the social impact business space feel confusing?

  • Is supply chain risk front and center?

  • Do you need simple and clear Impact Reporting that links to your everyday spend?

  • Do you want to change the world with what you buy?

  • Is attracting and retaining top talent a challenge?

Be A Better Company By Buying Better Products & Services


We help you determine small steps you can take with goods or services you already buy. If you have impact areas that are important to you, we will identify suppliers to meet your needs. And the best part? No contracts, just the ability to explore.


Now you can easily diversify your suppliers with third-party certified social enterprises and fair-trade enterprises. So you can be confident when you are buying from them, you are buying from the best.


Wondering how to tell your sustainability and impact story to customers, employees or investors? Let us do the Impact Reporting for you. We'll deliver detailed analytics on the impact you are making today and even forecast what you can do tomorrow.

Why we're #1 for Social Procurement in the U.S.

It's never been more important for business leaders to know what's in their supply chain and the companies behind it. Consumers are asking for it. Employees are expecting it. Investors are demanding it. At Buy Social USA, we make it easy for you to identify, curate and track everyday goods and services from extraordinary companies that are changing the world. That's why we've become the #1 leader in social procurement in the U.S. - partnering with companies like SAP to help solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. We'd love to help you have a greater impact too.

Your Plan to Buy Better and Change the World


Schedule a call with us. We'll find easy places to start your social procurement journey.


Access our verified social enterprise and fair-trade enterprise network to help you with your procurement needs in the impact areas of your choice.


Be a true social and environmental leader in your industry and make your customers happy and your employees proud.

What our clients are saying .......

With 77 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touching an SAP system, we are in the unique position to help connect people and information to solve the United States'—and even the world’s—most complex problems.


One way we can help accomplish this is through social procurement. SAP has committed to focus 5 percent of our addressable spend on goods and services from certified social enterprises and diverse trading partners respectively, by 2025.


We are excited that we partnered with Buy Social USA to help make it happen.

DJ Paoni, President for North America, SAP


Top Tips & Common Myths for starting a social procurement program

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