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Be Better By
Buying Better

Buy Social USA was started to help increase opportunities for US social enterprises, fair trade organizations, impact networks, and other initiatives that prioritize people and planet over profit maximization. Our specific focus is helping corporations, government agencies, universities, and other institutional buyers "buy better."

Meet and beat your Sustainability Goals by purchasing products and services you buy everyday from our network of verified, sustainable impact, social, environmental and fair-trade enterprises.

Does your business
care about people
and the planet?
Are you a Social
Enterprise based
in the U.S.?

Get listed in our public seller directory of U.S. social enterprises, fair trade organizations, cooperatives, sustainable businesses, and other initiatives that prioritize people and planet over profit maximization.

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Buy Social USA is excited to be a collaborator for the Catalyst Business Commitment, a prestigious recognition for private businesses that are engaging with mission-locked social enterprises. Badges are awarded based on actions in three areas: systems change funding, pro-bono and discounted services, and social procurement. If you would like to be recognized for, or expand, your work with mission-locked social enterprises in the United States, why not apply for the Catalyst Business Commitment. Leading companies such as Microsoft, Unilever, EY, SAP, eBay (UK), Lex Mundi and Compass Diversified have already made their commitment to the program. Learn more about the commitment and find out how your business can participate and achieve its ESG and climate goals

There are thousands of social enterprises in the United States, selling all of the things you buy every day, but they can be hard to identify as the U.S. does not have a legal entity classification for them. Our goal is to make the broader movement more visible, improving access to impact suppliers and helping them to take part in social procurement contracts, pro bono services, discounts, and market opportunities. Speeding up the transition to an inclusive and regenerative economy.

What is Social Procurement? 

Every purchase has an economic, environmental and social impact, whether intended or not. Social procurement is about capturing those impacts and seeking to make intentional positive contributions to the local economy, those most in need, the environment and the overall vibrancy of your community.


A social enterprise is a business that uses more than 51% of their profit to create positive outcomes for people facing barriers in our communities or for the environment.

When you buy from them, you change the world.

With 77 percent of the world’s transaction revenue touching an SAP system, we are in the unique position to help connect people and information to solve the United States'—and even the world’s—most complex problems.


One way we can help accomplish this is through social procurement. SAP has committed to focus 5 percent of our addressable spend on goods and services from certified social enterprises and diverse trading partners respectively, by 2025.


We are excited that we partnered with Buy Social USA to help make it happen.

DJ Paoni, President for North America, SAP

Why Social Procurement with Buy Social USA?

It's never been more important for business leaders to know what's in their supply chain and the companies behind it. Consumers are asking for it. Employees are expecting it. Investors are demanding it. At Buy Social USA, we make it easy for you to identify, curate and track everyday goods and services from extraordinary companies that are changing the world. That's why we've become the #1 leader in social procurement in the U.S. - partnering with companies like SAP to help solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. We'd love to help you have a greater impact too.



Top Tips & Common Myths for starting a social procurement program

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