Purchasing for People and Planet

Our Mission is to support the grassroots growth of a social procurement ecosystem for the USA. We do this by sharing knowledge, learning, how-to guides, connections and data.
The information we share is transparent and open to all.



At Buy Social USA we believe in the global definition of social enterprise that has been adopted in most countries. This relies on the following principles:

  1. That the organization exists first to support a social or environmental mission and it can demonstrate its impact.

  2. That more than 50% of the net profit made by the social enterprise is reinvested in achieving that social or environmental mission. It could also invest in impact straight from the top line.

  3. That the social enterprise business is independent and not controlled by a “For-Private-Profit” business entity.

  4. That the social enterprise has an Asset Lock within its governing corporate documents which stipulates that if the social enterprise closed down, all remaining monies, after repayment of debts and investors, would be given to another social enterprise company.

  5. That the social enterprise is not grant reliant and makes more than 50% of its revenue from selling goods or services. This can include grants and investments for outputs or services.

For more information on the global standards click here for a copy of the 2020 Social Enterprise World Forum paper – Understanding Social Enterprise.



The United States is a unique country with differing state laws and business entity types – it is also a country where grassroots organizing is strong and vibrant. When we founded Buy Social USA we wanted to learn from other countries that have vibrant social procurement ecosystems and also marry our organization with our local strengths. For this reason we chose a network of networks approach. Local organizations will be supported to grow a social procurement movement that works in that local area, but the Local Network will also be part of a national and international network of organizations with a common vision and goals.


Buy Social USA works with each local network to provide the missing puzzle pieces – bringing people together, sharing best practice and learning, toolkits and support. The role of Buy Social USA is to ensure that Local Networks have all of the resources and connections they need to be successful.


We support local networks to connect to national and international stakeholders in the social procurement space. The aim is to support and include all initiatives whilst ensuring that purpose is at the core of every stakeholders mission. 

We ensure that the social enterprise sellers have been verified and accredited so that buyers can trust their purchase decisions. 


Good Market is a curated marketplace, which means all enterprises go through an application and review process to ensure they meet minimum standards for their sector and prioritize people and planet in their decision making. ​

The application questions and minimum standards were developed by analyzing more than 50 sustainability certification standards, ​aggregating industry best practices, and translating them into everyday language. The minimum standards are updated, and improved based on community feedback. 


Society Profits is a US based social enterprise that certifies genuine sellers to make sure they meet the Buy Social USA definition of what a social enterprise is. 

Buyers can rest assured that social enterprises carrying the USA Certified Social Enterprise badge have been fully vetted and approved as sellers with people and planet at the core of all that they do.

Society Profits can also verify Certified B Corps that consider themselves social enterprises if they want to join the Buy Social USA seller network.


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