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Local Networks

Create a local social procurement network or join one in your area. Check out what's happening in our networks through our social feed below or Contact Us to find out more. We work with both local and national membership networks to bring social enterprise sellers into our Buy Social USA certified seller directory.

How to start a network


Contact Us to find out if a network already exists in your area.


A good network needs to contain social enterprise sellers, socially focused buyers, education and learning providers, local government and investors / funders. 


Ideally, networks are set up by local infrastructure organizations that can run workshops, events and training to get the social enterprise supply chain procurement ready. Don't worry - Buy Social USA will be working with you to make sure you have all the tools you need to do this!


Buy Social USA will help you to get the social enterprise suppliers added in to our directory of verified sellers on Good Market.


Once the suppliers are certified, they are included in the local supplier database of Buy Social USA


We work with local networks to make sure the suppliers know about local procurement opportunities, and we help the buyers to find the sellers. 


Including local education institutions in the process means we can track our impact and educate the next generation of social impact sellers!

To find out more and get involved please contact us here. 

What's happening in the networks...