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It all starts here! No fees, no contracts, just a willingness to explore the ways in which your organization might incorporate social enterprise sellers into your organization's everyday business buying.


To commit to the Buy Social USA Pledge, simply send us your logo and enter into an informal, exploratory arrangement to discuss social procurement further. This could be through receiving our newsletters, following us on social media, or signing up for one or more of our services listed on this page.

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We will work with those responsible for making everyday purchases for your company to review your existing supply chain. We will identify areas of opportunity for you to switch to or incorporate social enterprise suppliers into existing purchasing.

We provide social procurement intermediary services to buyers of social enterprise goods and services. We get to know your teams; purchasing, customer relations, CRS, strategy & Policy, supplier diversity. Then we identify areas of available spend within your current purchasing needs.

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We will support your organization to develop phased plans for social procurement, identifying areas of discreet spend, or bigger RFP opportunities for social enterprise sellers to bid. Then we discuss the areas of impact your organization is interested in making.

We can help you redefine existing purchasing policies or write completely new social impact procurement policies that reflect your organizations desire to create social or environmental impact through its supply chain.


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We do the work for you, finding third-party certified social enterprise suppliers for you to do business with.


This could be everyday business items like office supplies, food & beverage spend, services such as IT, janitorial, grounds maintenance or other services. Social enterprises come in many shapes and forms and offer a wide variety of goods and services for purchase.


It could also be through talking to your Tier 2 and 3 suppliers to see how they might buy from companies that dedicate majority of profits to impacting people and planet.

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Annual social impact reports that detail the social or environmental impact that your purchases made.


Graphics, charts and stories of impact - direct from the social enterprise sellers, telling you how your purchasing made a difference in your community or the world.

Whatever you need, no matter how big or small your social procurement was, we can help to build a reporting plan and develop communication materials that help you articulate your impact to both internal and external stakeholders.

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If you run a social enterprise that sells goods and services for B2B markets in the USA you can join our certified seller database through our partners Good Market and Society Profits. 

Good Market is a curated online platform. It doesn't cost anything to have a basic profile and takes about 30 minutes to sign up.

Your Good Market application can also be used at Step One if you would like to become a USA certified Social Enterprise. Trusted third-party certification is what opens the door to your organization becoming a Buy Social USA seller. 

Get started by signing up on Good Market.