Do you have a story to share?

Buy Social USA is launching a social media story telling series in 2021, helping social enterprises to share their stories of impact and showcase the goods and services they sell. If you would like to submit a Story of Impact for the #BuyBetter, #BuySocial campaign, fill in this Google Form.

Come back soon to see stories of impact from across the USA - first hand accounts of how social procurement has impacted communities when B2B buyers have sourced from social enterprise sellers.

Welcome to Impact

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Buy Social USA is linking local organizations and national member networks together to create a network of social procurement networks across the USA. Helping social enterprises that sell goods and services to connect with buyers, and supporting buyers through the social procurement process. Coordinating the free exchange of fragmented information to help the social procurement ecosystem thrive.


Any organization interested in supporting the development of social procurement through certified social enterprise supply chains is welcome to join us.


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